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Welcome to the new world of Susan's Art Circus!

FamilyWhat's it like to have two kids, a husband, and a thriving business? Oh my...I'm a one woman show with so many dreams and only so many hours in the day. Find more details than you probably want to know in my blog.  (the picture above is me with my parents, oh, about 1964!)

Greens for the soul.

My Mother says " What you don't know won't hurt you!" So I dare you to ask  my family what they've been eating lately! Stripping sugar from your children or meat from your husband requires some devious experimenting. It's definitely a topic of discussion!

A quick way to get straight into my shops to see whats new!


Charming Trinkets   Charming Trinkets jewelry for all things whimsical, weird, and wonderful.

My Mothers Closet holds some fabulous vintage items  for your perusal.

The Cre8ive Circus is for all you who like to create things. Mixed media supplies and charms.