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Creative Schizophrenia: Let’s Talk

Sooo...anybody familiar with creative schizophrenia? Anyone have an artsy habit they can't quite corral into one genre? Do you feel like your creative endeavors are wanting you to do everything...and nothing? Well...let's talk.

This can get bad...like really bad. (and that makes me want to do this...)

Martinis are vegan!

Martinis are vegan!


I find myself wanting to create for my jewelry line so off to the studio I go. I arrange my things, start with an idea, begin putting it together...and boom! All of a sudden my paint starts calling my name...what if when this thing is done I paint it? So I go get the paint out and start playing with that. Halfway through I notice there's a piece of fabric on the floor...oooh! That might work too. Maybe I can sew it together for a packaging idea. So I play with that for awhile. Out comes the sketch book so I can see if my ideas will work together. What about ribbons? What if this thing had some tied onto it? And out comes some ribbon. Oooh...but maybe it needs resin? Maybe the pieces would look good glossy...and layered....and ...and....and...

By this time I am working in four square inches of my table and not much is getting completed.


messy worktable 1


What is it with this? And what are your tried and true ways to keep your creative schizo self in check? Bah....

Here are a couple of things I find helpful when I cannot for the life of me get this under control...

  1. Set a timer and a simple goal...for instance I want to ready some of my shrink plastic. I set my phone timer for 20 minutes and that's all I do until the timer rings. Guess what? I finished something!
  2. Clean or organize. Again I might set my timer for this or just make note of the clock then find a spot to re-organize. Moving things into order allows me to clear my brain and do a sort of re-set. I do this for about half an hour and find that my brain is much more ready to focus on the task at hand.
  3. Go do something else! Maybe it's time for lunch or a snack. Perhaps laundry needs some attention. Have you talked to your Mom lately? Choose anything that has nothing to do with whatever task you were having issues with.

Those are my three go to's when I get stuck inside my creative schizophrenia brain. Inevitably one will work and I can get back to accomplishing things.

Try it and let me know how it works for you...or maybe you have a better idea? Would love to have you share it!

Until next time,




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