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ICE® Resin Design Team Everyone!

Here is a list of all the bio’s and the artsy members of the ICE® Resin design team for 2015! Don’t miss any of them! All of the design team members are crazy talented, have unique points of view, and include interesting tidbits about themselves. Chantal Johnson Heather Widener Sandy Martin Clare Horner John Creighton-Petersen and ME!    Until next time, Susan

Ice Resin Play: Molding Putty Part 2

So last time we found out what molding putty is and the very basics of how you use it. Now let’s get a little more in depth. How can I make the molding putty into something I can use? How does the molding putty make a mold? Well…let’s see…we left off with mixed molding putty ready to go so say hello my zoo… I’m starting to hoard small cute plastic animals. Yes, I can’t help myself. But they make the perfect molding subject matter…let’s start with the big piggy there on the left… Now you have to work pretty fast …
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Ice Resin Play: Casting Resin Into A Zoo

During this last few months I have literally been casting a resin zoo.  I’ve shown you guys with my posts resin and casting materials. This is the culmination of some (operative word some) of the cast pieces. Needless to say I keep a bowl full of small plastic kids animals that are my casting resin muses. There’s just something about them… I can’t get enough of these…  And you’re saying to yourself…”so this is what you do after you cast a zoo!” I (I feel like Dr. Suess) My absolute favorite…the Rhino!  There are only about 100 more to make into something. …
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Ice Resin Play: This Week

Last week’s Ice Resin Play was with rings and some other things. This week I can show you how Ice Resin changes everything you saw in that post. Beautiful changes! Here is the before of what you are about to see. The two top circles of color are the beginnings of the druzzy. Coarse glitter glued down before resin. After seeing a few Ice resin samples of faux druzzy (naturally forming crystal) techniques I had to try it out. Using the chunky turquoise glitter I glued it thickly to the bottom of the bezel. Over that poured the Ice resin …
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Artsy Fartsy Almost Fail

On the ever present train ride that is the artistic journey one tries to do things that are different…intriquing…maybe with a twist…?  Forgetting that the universe includes something called the K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) principle i seem to forge ahead most days achieving close intimacy with the complicated. Seems i needed to come up with a class proposal. A new idea, a fun idea. To say i labored over this would be a gross understatement. I pulled out all the supplies, drew a bunch of templates, created a couple dozen pieces of God knows what, resin’d, shrunk, journaled, sculpted, …
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