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When I Don’t Feel Creative: My Top 6 Fixes

Am I the only one that has moments when the creative muse takes a vacation? When you don’t feel creative…what do you do? This is a topic that seems to raise it’s head when I’m the busiest. I have tons to do but can’t seem to rid myself of the cobwebs long enough to get through it. Well…when I don’t feel creative here’s my top 6 fixes I put into action to try to coax my muse around. 1. I clean. Believe me when I say cleaning is not my favorite thing but wandering around the studio, organizing, and picking things up always …
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My Messy Studio Table Courtesy of Seth Apter

A couple of weeks ago Seth Apter’s blog was recommended by a friend as a “don’t miss out” blog to read. Upon arriving the first post I read was one about allowing the world to see us, we as artists, in our true habitat. (you can read the post here: Seth’s Call for The Studio Table) Also known as the cluttered studio and messy worktable!   This is my main work table area. Normally this is 4′ X 3′ but, as you can see, I’m working in about 1′ X 1′. Why are we always worried about cleaning everything up? …
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Artsy Fartsy Almost Fail

On the ever present train ride that is the artistic journey one tries to do things that are different…intriquing…maybe with a twist…?  Forgetting that the universe includes something called the K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) principle i seem to forge ahead most days achieving close intimacy with the complicated. Seems i needed to come up with a class proposal. A new idea, a fun idea. To say i labored over this would be a gross understatement. I pulled out all the supplies, drew a bunch of templates, created a couple dozen pieces of God knows what, resin’d, shrunk, journaled, sculpted, …
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Christmas with Ice and Santa!

Christmas is coming?! Really? Didn’t we just do Christmas? I have to admit that Christmas has not been my favorite holiday over the past decade. When you’re on the road, as I am, through the holiday season Santa is more work than pleasure. Add to that 10+ years of this love/hate relationship and thinking about Christmas seems really daunting. So, several months ago I was sent some beautiful Rue Romantique pieces from the Ice girls and asked to do something for Christmas. My first honest response in my head was, “oh no, not that!” I’ve wrestled with it ever since…until …
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