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Vegan In A House Of Carnivores: Definition From A Favorite

I was doing a bit of dinner research trying to find a vegan dish that my carnivores would also eat when I wandered into a post about the difference between vegan and plant based lifestyles written by one of my favorite cookbook authors.

Hmmm...I may have to change my food label for myself (she says while adjusting her leather purse). My diet is plant based...entirely.

But...I am not as conscious about things like leather for shoes or handbags, wool or silk items of clothing nor am I caught up in the politics of animal organizations. But do we value the lives of animals? Absolutely.

We eat a little honey albeit locally sourced and we still wear leather shoes. Most all our beauty or household products are free of any animal products and are not tested on living creatures. We donate to animal charities with our dollars and our actions. Everyday we strive to do better.

I love Lindsay's recipes...we cook from this one quite often...


All "plant based" and EASY! Pumpkin biscuits, raisin muffins, Thai lettuce wraps, peanut sauce, salads, burgers....all kinds of things! (as of today 11/17/2016 if you have a kindle you can order this digitally for $1.99!)

Anyway...I'm off to cook something...all this talk of "plant based" food has made me hungry!


Until next time,